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Why So Sad? Dunk Release Info

Why So Sad? Dunk Release Info

For details on the release check our Instagram post. 

Born and raised on planet Earth, you're dealing with some murky stuff. That's why Scottish skater John Rattray created Why So Sad?, an ongoing campaign centered around raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. The goal—to make sport a daily habit, 'cause it's good for our brains.

So lace up, grab your board or bike and shine some light on the day. From backboards to skateboards and even backyard BBQs, the SB Dunk Low "Why So Sad?" delivers a symbolic look that's meant to uplift your spirit as you get after it. The wear-away Swoosh fades overtime from Coastal Blue to Speed Yellow, nodding to the process that Rattray says "we go through when dealing with emotional challenges, and the work required to get back to a solid baseline of happiness." The iconic skate shoe is built for exceptional comfort with a Zoom Air unit in the heel, making the search for positivity that much easier. Of course, easy-to-break-in suede and premium nubuck leather feel great straight out of the box, while embroidered graphics remind you again and again to move, talk and ask, "Why So Sad?"

So, Why So Sad? After losing his sister to suicide and dealing with depression himself, Rattray developed Why So Sad? in 2017, opening a dialogue around mental health within the skate community and beyond. The storytelling platform approaches the serious subject through a lighthearted play on skateboarding’s language. A big part of the campaign centers on physical activity, in particular skating and biking, as a key element of coping and regulating so that we can more effectively make progress with the process, because "mental health and physical health are not separate. Our bodies and brains are one system." Now, time to start moving.

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